Not Your Average Desk Chair

During my latest Instagram Q & A I received a lot more product specific questions. I realized it would probably be helpful for me to do more roundups on the different items I get asked about. I know how much you all like to see a range of price points so I will include as many different options as I can. The first item I am starting with is the one I get asked the most about, my desk chair.

Home desk chairs are no longer the standard chunky swivel chair that looks out of place when using a shared room as an office. It is now much more common to see pretty dining chairs or oversized upholstered chairs which anchor the desk and can tie a whole room together. See some of my favorites below!

Top Row: One, Two, Three, Four

Second Row: One, Two, Three, Four

Third Row: One, Two, Three, Four

Bottom Row: One, Two, Three, Four

Photo by Torrey Fox

  1. Maura says:

    I love your desk chair, but am curious how comfortable is it to sit in?

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