What I’m Packing For Hawaii

Last week I posted on some of my favorite beach bound pieces, but as our trip to Hawaii approaches this weekend I wanted to do a follow up post with what I am packing. We don’t go on long vacations much anymore due to our hectic schedules, but there is honestly nothing quite like a beach vacation. I quickly switch to a slower state of mind and thoroughly enjoy swimming all day and wearing very little makeup. I have been wearing this new scent from Jo Malone which smells like summer and reminds me of Hawaii. I have also finally switched over to this cult classic serum which is all of have been wearing in the daytime. It gives me such a nice glow which compliments the slightest tan perfectly!

Towel, Sandals


  1. Estela says:

    Beautiful things to pack along to Hawaii. Can’t wait for more blog post. ????????

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