Amazon Wishlist 02

By now it is probably very obvious that I do A LOT of shopping on Amazon. It has surprisingly become my go to resource for coffee table books, candles I want to get quickly and cool affordable accents. I am so spoiled by the free two say shipping that I don’t even like ordering things that are going to take much longer. I also take full advantage of the free returns when purchasing pieces I have never seen in person or candles I haven’t had the chance to smell. I did an Amazon Wishlist at the beginning of the year which a lot of you liked so I will be doing specific round ups with their products from time to time.

Book, Votivo Candle, Vase, Turkish Towel, Bud Vases, Moroccan Bag, Mirror, Hand Soap, Marble Tray, Wall Art, Weck Jars, Mermaid Bottle Opener, Lumbar Pillow, Sofa, Side Table

  1. Jamie G. says:

    Love this round up! Thank you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Love these picks! Especially the bottle opener, it’s so cute! Also wanted to ask you where you get those little plates you keep your candles on?

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