Easy Bathroom Update

If you have been following me for a while now, you know how much I loathed our small apartment bathroom. It was the one space I always struggled with from the moment we moved in due to a poor layout and lack of natural lighting. Although we have the beautiful stained glass window, this space faces a dark walkway so it has always felt dim in comparison to the rest of the apartment.

One of the biggest problems was our TINY pedestal sink. I swear this felt substantially shorter than a typical sink and every time I washed my face water sloshed out onto the floor. After years of going back and forth as to if it was worth replacing, I decided it was time.

Instead of doing a full reveal post I thought I would share the process because a lot of you were asking for sources. I just ordered a new bath mat and towels from Serena & Lily and eventually I might hang a cool mirror in front of the window. I have always loved the way a mirror looks in front of a window and would be much more functional than our small medicine cabinet mirror to the side.


Source: Southern Living

We used the Ikea Hemnes vanity which comes with the countertop and just changed out the knobs and added this faucet. I assembled the vanity by myself and found it very easy to put together. There is space at the back of the drawers so if everything is assembled properly the plumbing should fit comfortably behind it.

Daniel was able to remove our old sink very quickly and install the new one with little trouble. I had to run out and grab an adapter because our existing plumbing wasn’t lining up perfectly on the first go around, but the process was quick and needed minor adjustments. I touched on this in my original Instagram post, but because I always get asked about doing projects like this while renting I will mention it again here. We choose to do projects like this because it makes our living situation so much more enjoyable while we are here. I will not uninstall the vanity and take it with us when we leave and for me it is completely worth the loss of a few hundred dollars.

I couldn’t be happier with how it has transformed our bathroom. We have so much more storage with just two drawers than we ever had before, so now it feels like everything has a home. I can’t stand clutter and our old bath situation was nothing but clutter and lack of organization. I will keep you updated as we add some more accents and finishing touches!

{Now you can see why it was worth every penny!}

  1. Sarah says:

    Do you find it annoying that there’s not much counter space with this particular vanity? I’m thinking of using this vanity in my guest bath update, but wondering if I should go with an undermount sink that has a few more inches of counterspace. Thoughts? Beautiful bathroom transformation! Love your aesthetic.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much! It is hard to say because we had ZERO counter space before, so this feels perfectly adequate and I like having a bigger sink. An under mount sink always looks great and it never hurts to have more counter space : )

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