Guest Bedroom Accents

Oh how I dream of the day when we can have a guest bedroom, which in reality would probably be used for more storage. I have gotten a few Instagram questions about how to approach a guest room when you want to keep it simple and make the space multi functional. In addition to making a room work for multiple scenarios, there are a few simple touches that can help whip a guest room into shape when you actually have company coming to stay.

If you are trying to fit a lot into a guest room maybe re think the typical layout. I have been seeing a lot of examples lately where a chic sleeper sofa or daybed is used instead of a traditional bed. This gives more room for a desk or workout equipment that might not have anywhere else to go. If you go the sleeper sofa route it can be nice to pull the bed out before guests arrive and make it up with some pretty linen bedding and a few accent pillows to feel more comfortable.

Guest Bedroom Essentials

Extra Blanket

Soft Scented Candle



Some Fresh Greenery in A Pretty Planter


Lumbar Pillows to Layer

Bedside Clock

Water Pitcher and Glass


Photos by Torrey Fox

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