Get The Look – My Living Room

I think our living room, specifically the corner with our sectional is one of the most photographed areas in our apartment. Since there are so many photos of this space circulating, it is naturally the one I get asked about the most. Specifically, many of you have wanted to see cheaper alternatives to some pieces. I figured it was time to do a “get the look” post with some nice alternatives and show you how our living room style can be recreated with more budget friendly pieces. If you are looking for the exact pieces I used you can visit “My Apartment” shop page here. Let me know if you like this series and I can do some more for the other spaces in our apartment!

Planter, Audrey Art, Black Frame, Sketch, Gold Frame, Bust, Vase, Lamp, Console, Sofa, Coffee Table, Rug, Candle, Basket, Book, Pillow A, Pillow B, Pillow C, Tray


Photo by Torrey Fox

  1. Jamie says:

    Loving this! Thank you!

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