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Sorry for the radio silence around here! If you have been following the news you know that wildfires are once again destroying California. It has sadly become our new normal over the last few years and doesn’t seem to be getting better. In addition to the fire millions of people have been without power for a few days now, myself included. In the grand scheme of things it feels so petty to complain about losing power when so many are losing their homes and businesses, but everything has been a little chaotic around here. These fires always make me incredibly grateful for the things we do have and push me to not take things for granted. I was finally able to get to my computer yesterday and go to a friends house in another county with power/internet. In an attempt to get a little normalcy back in my life I wanted to share what I have been loving lately.

Monday was my 29th birthday so I woke up reflecting back on how much my life has changed since my early 20’s. I never thought I would own my own business before 30 or be engaged, but life really does have a funny way of settling into place if you put in the work. I am so excited for the next chapter and I am also really content with how everything is right now. This new series called “My World” will give a little insight into what I am liking on a daily basis. It could be a candle I am liking, a book I am reading or a new recipe I tried. It will change all the time, but I love documenting in more of a real time round up style.


Balmoral by Cire Trudon: These candles are definitely an investment, but I can’t say enough good things about them. Trudon has been making candles since 1643, during Louis the 14th’s reign! This light earthy scent is inspired by the Queen of England’s home in Scotland and it lets off subtle notes of damp grass with a hint of spice. I have been burning it in the living room for a few weeks and like that it isn’t overpowering or a typical fall scent!


Cozy Flannel Shirts: Now that the weather feels cooler I am stocking up on my favorite fall and winter staple – soft flannel shirts. This is one of my favorite layering pieces and I love the new styles Madewell has this year that is more of a pullover. I have added more of my favorites to my Fall Shop Page.


The Avett Brothers: Their new album “Closer Than Together” is SO good. One of my favorite bands for many reasons, but this is such a good mix of their classic folky sound and more upbeat tracks.


Gucci Brixton Loafers: These are hands down my most loved shoes. I got the same pair in black a few years ago and have far surpassed their hefty price tag with how many times I have worn them. They go with everything, they’re comfortable (only shoes I’ve every worn that don’t blister my toes) and can be worn as a slide or a loafer. I had my eye on this stunning red pair for months and have been wearing them non stop since I got them!


Estee Stanley In Comfort & Style: Estee Stanley is hands down one of my favorite designers. She started as a celebrity stylist and just really knows how to layer spaces effortlessly. Her new book is filled with stunning photos and cool client interviews that make you want to crawl into the pages!


True Botanicals Overnight Mask: It is that time of year again where a great face mask plays a huge part of my skincare routine. We have had some dry days so in order to get extra moisture at night I turn to this lightweight mask. You apply a thin layer at night and wash off with warm water in the morning for moisturized and soft skin without irritation!


Golden Beauty Bar: I have been seeing these beauty bars all over lately, so I finally decided to try one and see what the hype is about. This small bar that you move around your face, sends small pulse vibrations that are supposed to help tone and contour. I truly think it is helping tone the skin (especially around my mouth) and it feels so good to roll with face oil. I bought the cheaper alternative, but Goop also has this one.


Woven Wood Shades: One of my goals before the end of the year was to tackle our bedroom. This room always gets put on the back burner when I make changes. I will be doing a full blog post on this once everything is finished, but I did want to share one of my go to spots for inexpensive custom woven shades. We got two from in Bonaire Flaxen. I love the soft color and they are much cheaper than other custom retailers.

Photos by Torrey Fox

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