The Art of Tidying Up

This post has been a long time coming! I have done versions of it here and here, but I wanted to sit down to write how I am changing my outlook on spending and my relationship with stuff. Within the last six months I have implemented a lot of changes in my life in order to keep things more streamlined. I found that I was getting stressed out by our closets filled with pieces we didn’t need and an overall excess of home items that have piled up in various locations around out apartment.

Part of my job is getting to test out certain products, which is incredible, but it often means that spaces like our medicine cabinet, closets and kitchen pile up with random items that don’t really have a home. I decided I didn’t want to own anything that doesn’t have a true purpose in my life. This goes for everything from my clothing to my beauty products. Obviously with running my blog I accumulate a lot, but I will still continue to share an array of pieces and don’t necessarily have to hold on to them forever – which doesn’t mean I no longer like something! I look at this space as an opportunity for me to share discoveries with you at an array of styles and price points. I think sometimes people get worried if I was gifted something or purchase for a photoshoot and they no longer see it in my space, it’s because I no longer like it. That is very rarely the case. I give a lot of things away to my friends and family simply because we do not have room.

Finding Joy

I am by no means fully into the Spark Joy method, but I do think a lot comes from cleansing your life of too many things. I feel like we often think we need more than we do and in the industry I work in I am constantly surrounded by things I want. I am having my home sale to part with anything that I don’t truly love anymore. I want to incorporate more special pieces into our living space and my wardrobe that I will have forever. I am trying to be a lot more thoughtful about what I purchase and invest in nicer items because I am finally at a point in my life where I don’t want to keep cycling through pieces so frequently.

Take The Emotion Out Of It

There are definitely some pieces I almost threw away that I am happy I held on to. However, for the most part I try and look at things pragmatically and not have an emotional attachment to everything I own. This last clean out I was able to get rid of so much stuff that I normally would have kept just by realistically thinking – Do I need this? Do I use this? Does this add value or just take up space? A piece doesn’t have to be damaged, old or unwearable in order to part with it. I love to donate and often feel better knowing it will go to another home instead of in the garbage.

Be Comfortable With The In Between

I think one of the harder parts when getting rid of clothes or home goods, is feeling like you have to rush to fill the void. It is ok to have less and I found being comfortable with those in between phases has made a big difference. Instead of rushing to fill a piece of furniture you sold, wait until you find something you lust after not a temporary solution. It used to kill me to see empty corners or a table without a lamp so I would buy something fast to fill it. I then would end up going through multiple versions instead of saving my money for something I loved.

Find Storage Solutions That Actually Work

It took me a long time to find the right storage solutions for our apartment. Once that got locked down and everything was able to have a home, it created so much more serenity. I essentially did this by tackling each space little by little and implementing systems that were functional for us. Whether it was under the sink, the hall closet or our bedroom, having a home for everything meant I could see everything we have. Before I would purchase an excess of dish soap because I had two buried I couldn’t even see, same with toiletries. I swear by these stackable clear drawers in different sizes for closet organization. Especially when it comes to apartment living. We use them for everything from tools to medicine.

I know purging can be a long process, but it feels so good to pare down. Obviously we all have different lifestyles and it is unrealistic to be a complete minimalist, but I highly recommend tackling small areas little by little. It feels so good to open a closet and not have my random clutter falling off the shelves!

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  2. marlene says:

    Hi Chrissy,
    I am planning to come to your sale on Saturday with a friend. Ron and I are looking forward to Thanksgiving with your family. It was so nice of your parents to invite. us. Hope you and Daniel are doing well, it has been so long since I have seen you both and looking forward to spending time with you two.
    Sincerely, Marlene

  3. Jamie G. says:

    I read once that you light up the same area in your brain from purging as your do shopping! I believe it! I love a good purge. Feels so good on so many levels.

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