A Look Back at 2019

I say this every single year, but it really is hard to belive 2019 is coming to an end. I am particularly excited to head into 2020 and close the chapter on the past decade. I love a new year. It feels like the ideal time to reevaluate and make changes in my day to day routine that can elevate how I am living my life. There are so many upcoming events that I am looking forward to over the next year, but as I look back on 2019 I am filled with so much gratitude for where I am currently. I got engaged to Daniel over the summer, which was the true highlight of my year (and my life thus far). We traveled to Charleston for wedding prep, I spent the best weekend in NYC with my best friends and mom and most of my family flew to India for my brothers wedding! I also quit my job to go off on my own full time which was a huge goal of mine in 2019.

There were so many incredible moments and I often don’t think I take enough time to soak it all in. I love doing these yearly recaps to get you all up to date in case you missed anything, but also for me to have something to look back on. Going through photos and reliving moments in my head brings such a big smile to my face.

I also wanted to take time to thank all of you for your continued support and engagement over the past three years. This blog truly started out as a passion project/hobby and has allowed me to move into endeavors I didn’t think were ever possible. I feel so lucky to get to connect with many of you and inspire you even in the smallest dose to pursue your own passions. Here’s to an incredible new year and starting the next decade with clarity and happiness!

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