Dining Solutions For Small Spaces

Oh, the dining space. A dining area seems so simple until you really start pulling back the layers. This can be even harder when you live in a small space and your options are limited. I truly love our apartment, but it has always bothered me that we have never had a dining table. There is no place that makes sense to put a table (remember we live in about 550 square feet) so our coffee table is also where we eat all of our meals. I dream of having a dining area one day, even if it’s a small breakfast nook.

I received a lot of dining room specific questions especially when it comes to tables and chairs and pairing them together. Many of you also wanted to see good options for smaller space living, not a nice formal dining room which so many of us don’t have. Below I have rounded up some of my favorite combinations, any of which I would implement in our own home if I had the room. What I love about all of them is they are very interchangeable and not so style specific.

*photo from my favorite home ever, built by Gil Schafer designed by Rita Konig

Table | Chairs

In my opinion you can’t go wrong with a classic Saarinen style table especially when paired with a cane side chair. This looks great with so many interior styles, even something more traditional. I also love that tulip tables come in an array of sizes so they are perfect for even a small kitchen or in a living room like mine.

Table | Chairs

I have been very into rich colors lately. When I spotted these velvet dining chairs I instantly wanted to pair them with a gorgeous light colored wood table. The table is a nice petite size, but also comes in this larger version if you have the space. For such a sleek design it is hard to belive the small size is $500!

Table | Chairs

I will always love a traditional style like this. Something about it feels like a Nancy Meyers movie which you know I’m all about. A slipcovered style chair with the legs showing feels breezy and you can always throw a fun pillow on for more color. I have also been eyeing this marble top dining table for years!

Table | Chairs

Wishbone chairs are one of my favorites for dining tables. I find them very comfortable, you can easily add a seat cushion if need be and they will never go out of style. When paired with a crisp white table it has the ability to look cool yet timeless.


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