January Inspiration / Playlist 01

A new year comes with a fresh sense of perspective. I always look forward to gathering inspiration and kicking of the year with a positive state of mind. Of course a new year doesn’t mean my love for neutrals has calmed down at all. Lately I have been very drawn to more earthy greens and barley colored fields. I am excited to incorporate these tones into interiors this year. For the first time in a really long time I feel an overwhelming energy to create. When being creative and coming up with content becomes your job, on top of trying to design my own wedding it can often feel really repetitive and I need to take a step back to feel reendergized.

Of course music always helps get my creative juices flowing so I am excited to continue sharing my monthly playlists. I have already started thinking about our wedding playlists which have me in a 60’s state of mind – you all know by now I love a throwback. You can listen to the first of 2020 here. Happy listening!

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