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I know y’all love your pets as much as I love mine. Norman is essentially the king of the apartment and runs our lives and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Since I share so much of him on my Instagram stories of few of you have asked for some recommendations on eye pleasing pet accessories or what we do to keep our place clean. I have a cat bigger than some dogs so I am well versed on keeping hair at bay and how to hide all of his toys. There are so many good options on the market now for pet accessories, especially beds and blankets that can blend seamlessly into your home.

I’m not going to lie when we first rescued Norman, it was an adjustment. I always had pets growing up and we desperately wanted a cat, but I had never had my own in such a small living space. You all know by now how much I like order and things a certain way (control freak!) so having cat toys, a litter box, various pet beds and food dishes in a tiny apartment made me crazy. Eventually we got into a routine and I found pieces that made things a little easier.

My essentials to keeping our small apartment tidy with a pet are as follows – A fan/heater that doubles as an air purifier. I swear this has made a huge difference with smells, cat hair and keeping our space feeling fresh. It is an investment, but we have had two Dyson’s for years and I recommend them to everyone I know. Secondly great storage baskets to hide all of his toys in, but are still accessible for him to get when need be. Third, I love a good reed diffuser and hide one in our living room by the litter box so you can’t see it, but it always smells good – this neutral scent is one of my favorites! Lastly having things on hand like a fabric comb for getting hair off the upholstery, neutral blankets and a pretty bed make a huge difference!

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  1. Zen Daniel says:

    Lovely Post! Thanks for sharing such a beautifull stuff.

  2. Becca says:

    I love this post! I have always struggled with finding more neutral accessories and found they put up a huge roadblock to the overall cohesiveness of a room. Also, I love Norman (and his name-too cute). Thanks for the post!

  3. Sharon says:

    Thank you for this post! It’s challenging to maintain a polished look with cat stuff around but these are great suggestions.

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