Shaking Things Up

One of the reasons I look forward to a new year so much is the feeling of a fresh start. This is my favorite time to go through our apartment and get a better idea of the spaces I want to work on. There are a few areas that have been bugging me for a while and certain spots that I would like to update. I have talked at length about my desire to invest in pieces I truly love, so I have slowly been collecting more accents that feel unique and timeless and avoiding anything that feels too trendy.

I sold a lot of decor and furniture at my sale so this year I am going to work on filling in those gaps. In the past I would have been in a rush to find a replacement, but now I am taking my sweet time. The main empty space is our entry were the rattan bar cart used to be. There isn’t much room here, so I have been searching for the perfect vintage cabinet or demilune table. Another area I want to work on is the wall behind our sofa. I have played around with a few different iterations including the leaning artwork I had for most of this past year, but I am really into bringing back the gallery wall. I find them so charming and when layered with different colored frames can make such a big impact.

I will be starting video content this year which is very exciting. Once I get it together, I hope to take you on a short tour of our space for better visual reference. Our apartment is really starting to feel like a home. This is the first year I started without a long list of updates I wanted to make, but rather small changes that will leave a lasting impression. I am so excited to have another year with all of you and as always I will be sharing my process and updates along the way!

Here are a few of the pieces I have been loving lately

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