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Bedroom Styling

When we got the new dresser in our bedroom many of you asked to see a post showing how I style it and our nightstands. To be honest our bedroom is the main area I really don’t style that much. Things tend to stay where they are for long periods of time. Neither Daniel or I like our nightstands overly filled so I find that simple fresh flowers are the one thing I like adding, the rest is very minimal and functional.

Our bedroom isn’t massive – our bed takes up most of the space. We have a window on the larger side so nothing is symmetrical which is why I wanted to add a small wall sconce to my side of the bed. I love the way it pairs with the glass lamp and keeps both sides feeling fresh and unique.

Items I always use for styling are

-stacks of books (they add height, thus making everything feel less flat)

-fresh flowers or small plants. This makes the biggest difference to an empty bedside table. If fresh isn’t for you – you could always go faux, but I would invest in something that looks like the real deal. You can see my post from yesterday for some ideas!

-candles are my favorite accessory to add in any room, but especially the bedroom. I like having a clean scent on my bedside that I can smell even when it’s not lit. I currently have one of my faves – Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia

-other go to accents; trays, bowls, baskets, oversized lamps, jewelry dishes. You can see more ideas on my Home Accents shop page.

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  1. Jennifer says:

    So many lovely details! Do you know if your round end table is in the beige or natural wash finish? Thank you kindly!

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