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Happy Wednesday! I took the last few days off of Instagram and the blog for a little recharge. I felt a lot of anxiety coming on Sunday – something I have dealt with for years and have touched on in many posts. Whenever I feel that tightness in my chest I know I need to take a break from social media as it only intensifies everything. It sounds odd, but having a job where your income depends on being creative and constantly churning out new material can be exhausting. It isn’t brain surgery, but it comes with its own set of frustrations and can lead to burn out often. I have such a better work life balance than I used to and know how important it is to take some time away from the computer and phone.

When I felt anxiety kicking in I decided to go to the gym and get outside which instantly made me feel better. I also decided to deeply clean out my closet and kitchen cabinets in anticipation of a new season. Clutter makes me more anxious so having fresh cabinets and organization feels amazing. I have talked a lot about being much choosier with the clothing and home accents I am bringing into my life. Quality continues to be front of mind and I would rather invest in a few beautiful pieces for spring. Of course I love to mix high and low, so I also have my eye on some well priced breezy dresses.

I also wanted to share a few updates I have made around the blog that I am excited about. The Shop Pages have gotten a bit of a facelift. I have been meaning to do this for a while in an effort to help streamline a lot of the questions I get asked. The new Spring / Summer shop is getting me so antsy for warm weather and days of dresses and woven bags. I am always on the hunt for classic pieces, so I will continue to add options throughout the season.

I broke down my Home Accents shop page into categories to help you find pieces easier. Now you can source accessories such as baskets, decorative objects and trays. In addition to the recently added Art Shop.

I also cleaned up My Apartment shop pages and tried to delete anything I no longer own to help make them run faster. I know many of you reference older photos and my space is constantly changing so always feel free to ask me if you can’t find something. On My Apartment shop page I created two new tabs – one for My Candles and one for My Books. Here I will link most of the candles (and accessories like candle holders) and coffee table books you see around my apartment! Lastly I have been adding a lot more to my Pinterest page, specifically to Currently Loving. It can be easier for people to sift through on Pinterest so I will try to utilize this space in addition to updating the shop pages frequently. I know a lot of you are new around here and I have been getting asked a lot about my playlists. I come out with a new one every month and you can find them all here. It was nice to have a mini break, but I am looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and creating some fun new content!


  1. Alyssa says:

    Where is this round tray from?

  2. Val says:

    I absolutely agree with your post, I recently found myself feeling down and I had to step away from social media for a bit to re-charge my batteries and come back with a fresh mind.

  3. Emily says:

    When I’m feeling stressed I love looking at your site–it’s calming and peaceful and inspirational. So, even though you’re struggling, please remember you’re helping others!

  4. Jamie G. says:

    Thanks for being so open about your life on such a public platform! Love all your content and the work that goes into creating it is appreciated!

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