Shopping On A Budget Part II

Budget – The word budget has become one of the most common words in my vocabulary. I find myself saying it multiple times a week, thinking of how to budget my life better and budget client projects. We all live on some sort of a budget (unless you are Jeff Bezos who likely does not read my blog). Life is expensive so when it comes to decorating your home it can often come down to pulling quick pieces to fill a space. This is such a common topic and something I discuss with a lot of you on a daily basis – we all want something beautiful and well made, but for a fraction of the cost. That doesn’t always exist, but often there are good alternatives.

Due to the fact that this is such a common topic, I wanted to expand on this post from last year and dive deeper into my process for budget shopping. It can be tricky because budget is all relative. It is truly hard for me to suggest certain incredibly cheap pieces because I know the way it is made is garbage. Sometimes I would prefer to have nothing over filling an empty space with something that is going to break down in a few months. I think it is important to keep that in mind when searching for a steal. Also remember to look at my Budget Shop page for more options when you are on the hunt for good classic alternatives.

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Pay Attention To Shape

When purchasing furniture that is a great price you want to pay attention to the shape and scale. Veer towards something classic that won’t be out of date in a few years and will make the overall look appear more high end. Especially with a sofa – going with something more streamlined will make a big impact and can change the look of the room.

Start With A Color Palette

Even if you want to layer your space in neutrals, which is my favorite thing to do – having an initial color palette in mind will keep your buying process more focused. There are so many options for everything now that starting with wall color or the color or a large piece like a sofa or rug will be a helpful starting off point. I find when I have a very specific palette in mind I end up spending less because I wait until I find exactly what I am looking for instead of “trying out” options for a few months at a time.

Utilize Pinterst

I can’t tell you how many cheaper pieces I have found simply by going to Pinterest. I will type in the more expensive light fixture, sofa, etc. – click on the image and then scroll down to where it shows you similar images. More times than not it shows something from a cheaper website like Wayfair or Overstock that has the shape or color I am looking for. Sometimes it will be an immediate fit. Other times I will then go to that site and search under “Similar Pieces” or “Recommended Pieces” based on what I was looking at. It is such a helpful tool and saves me time searching endlessly through pages of product. It has also introduced me to a lot of brands and sites I was not familiar with.

Make A List

I make lists for just about everything in my life, even for pieces I want to add to my apartment or my closet. I have two lists on my phone and two Pinterest boards that I make at the start of each year. One is Closet 2020 and one is Apartment 2020. I write down what I hope to add to my wardrobe and living space over the year. Having a visual reference and a reminder on my phone enables me to prioritize and always reminds me of the style I am trying to achieve. This helps me whenever I am out shopping and can ask myself, do I really need this? I think we all go through so many versions of something until we feel like we got it right, so having my lists makes me focus on the bigger picture instead of what I feel like getting in the moment.

I will be doing more posts similar to this because I know a lot of you are in the same position. I am always on the hunt for more budget friendly pieces and try and add them to the shop page or in my Instagram round ups, so be sure to check there.


  1. Angela Bochvarska says:

    This is so inspiring. Hopefully I will use all your tips very soon for decorating our own house.
    I love reading your blog it’s so helpful in every aspect.

  2. Avery says:

    This is super helpful! I’ve started really utilizing Pinterest and their shop feature this past year and it’s made finding the perfect piece so much easier. 🙂

  3. Tracy says:

    I love that rug so much! I think the lamp link may be to a similar lamp but not the exact one. Thanks for putting this together!

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