Slowing Down

Whenever a new season is fast approaching or the weather is incredible (like it has been lately) I start to feel surges of inspiration come on. The sunshine we have had leaves me with nothing but spring on my mind and has reminded of the importance of taking time to slow down and enjoy the little moments. We all spend so much time running from place to place because life is busy and we have schedules and deadlines. After the holidays I jumped right into checking things off my new years list, but now that I have settled into this year I realized I truly want to enjoy the moments as they are happening.

I am going to make time for more weekend getaways to wine country, something I used to do all the time. The spa at the Fairmont in Sonoma is one of my favorite places to completely check out and relax. If you have never visited, I can’t recommend it enough. I have also made it a priority to be healthier overall. Less stress, eating better, making time for exercise. All these details I tend to take for granted, but always make me feel like a happier, healthier person. You all know I am a huge proponent of making the most of your mornings. I use this time to set the tone for my day. I do realize working for myself and at home plays a big part in that, but even taking twenty minutes to put on a playlist you love and make your coffee is something to look forward to. I used to rush through my mornings, but waking up earlier and not getting on my computer first thing allows me to put on some music, plan out my day and just enjoy the stillness.

I found that I was constantly looking ahead instead of taking in each day. I would be excited about something coming up months away and on an overly stressful week I would think “I wish it was next month”. Then next month turns into next year and time won’t stop moving. Now if I have something stressful come up, instead of wishing for the future I try and take a break from what I am doing. I go for a walk or take a personal day and don’t feel one bit of guilt about it. Doing what works for you and not for someone else has completely changed my thinking! Since I love sharing my plans with all of you, I thought I would note some of the changes I want to implement in order to slow down and enjoy all of the in between moments.


Making weekends more of a priority instead of working straight through

Taking time to make dinner and open a good bottle of wine

Get outside, breathe fresh air

Exercise daily (even if it’s only a 15 minute walk)

Eat cleaner

Go through closets and make sure I am actually using/wearing what I own

Simplify skincare routine and use less products

Start reading more – I have been slacking majorly in this department and

desperately need to start reading before bed again

Stretch every morning and night

Find a hobby that is not related to my job and is just for myself

Take time to make homemade foods more frequently – salad dressings, jam, bread

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  2. Stephanie says:

    I loved this. Such a simple and important reminder. And the perfect time of year to make it a priority. Thanks for sharing!

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