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All About The Console Table

A console table can serve as the perfect furniture accent. It helps when layering a room – we have ours behind the sofa, but have also used it in front of our bay window. I received a large array of questions wanting me to touch on console tables and entry tables specifically for awkward spaces. Many of you wanted long and narrow or very short for a tiny entry and because I always get asked about media or closed storage console cabinets I figured I would include those as well!

Long or Narrow

I always wished we had room for a long console in our entry, but because the front door backs right up to the wall we utilize a much smaller wall in between two doorways. If you potentially have room behind a door, but the console needs to be very narrow something like this or this can work great.

Featured Piece
My Unfinished Console

Narrow Consoles

Entry/ Long Consoles

Small Entry

Closed Console Cabinet

Featured Piece
My Console Cabinet

photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Jen says:

    Did you seal the table to protect it from getting stained? I have a few similar tables and I want to protect them without changing the color or making them shiny.

    • Hi Jen! I didn’t seal it because I wanted to keep the finish really natural. I have seen a bunch of articles on finishing though – if you google “How to seal natural wood without changing the color”

      Hope this helps!

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