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I touched on this in my updates blog post last week, but I have slowly been changing things up around here which makes me feel so much better. After going through my closet and parting with anything that didn’t fit quite right, it got me started on a whole cleansing roll. After years of playing around with a ton of different skincare products I decided I would only use one line and see if it made a difference. I have had inflammation troubles for years so while my skin isn’t terrible, it gets irritated very easily. I think I am also just hyper aware with our wedding coming up later this year.

I love that I get to try so many different products, but I decided to turn down a lot of beauty collaborations in an effort to clean up my medicine cabinet and my skin. I am such a fan of Barbara Sturm products and although they are very expensive I actually notice a difference. I can see and feel my skin changing and looking healthier overall. I decided to buy the discovery set to get smaller bottles to make sure I like everything before investing in the larger. Of course I love it all so the first full size I am going to get is the face scrub followed by the face cream. I will do a full post on this once I have been using pieces from only her line for a few months.

A few pieces I loved from last spring came back in stock, so I had to share. This small rope bag from Clare V. was one of my favorite purchases. I surprisingly use it all the time even though it’s little. Also my beloved Janessa Leone hat now comes in this pretty combo ( I have this one) Her hats are so well made and definitely worth the investment. I am very excited for a new season, you can see more of my spring picks on the spring shop page!

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  1. Stevie says:

    I love the Clare V bag, but am wondering if you use an insert with it or do things stay put in the bag? She shows it with her clutches but I prefer the look without.

    • Hi Stevie!

      I don’t put any sort of insert in. It fits my wallet, phone, a hand lotion and a lip balm perfectly. I don’t put pens or anything that would slip through easily so it works out great!

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