Spring Tops

I know there is so much uncertainty going on right now, but many of you said you would like to see posting go as usual to keep things feeling somewhat normal. I contemplated postponing a lot of content, but a lot of you are at home this week (as we all should be if we can!) so I figured it might be nice to have some blog posts to read through.

As I clean out my closet one of the major pieces I realized I needed to start incorporating was pretty tops. I am a total tee shirt hoarder and constantly find myself going for basics throughout the year. I hadn’t purchased a blouse in a while and with spring on the horizon I wanted to have something fresh that worked with a lot of outfits. I have been gravitating towards gauzy tops and flowy blouses that can be dressed up or down!

cane pitcher | jeans

Featured Piece
Ganni Georgette Blouse

Spring Tops I’m Loving

photos by Torrey Fox

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  2. Jamie G. says:

    Thanks for keeping up with posting! Xo

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