Top Amazon Purchases

I had this post in the works before the COVID epidemic became what were are currently experiencing. Right now your local and small businesses need support more than ever and I am trying to head there before Amazon. However with the strict shelter in place curbside pickup isn’t an option and a lot of my favorite smaller stores don’t have an E commerce site. I am still trying to figure out the best way to support these places from afar.

I was asked if I could put a blog post together of my favorite Amazon purchases of all time. I admittedly shop there often because of the ease and quick delivery, so while the timing may not be ideal I figured this could serve as a reference in the future. I also get most of my coffee table books there which you can find on my book shop page.

Pajama Set, Pepper Mill, Cire Trudon Candle (*my favorites are Abd El Kader, Positano and Cyrnos), Lantern Light, Cake Dome, Wishbone Chair, Hand Soap, Dish Scrubber, Backpack, Votivo Magnolia Candle, Belly Basket, Mask Print, White Desk

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