An Updated List of Most Pieces In My Apartment

So many pieces have changed in our apartment since my last master list so I figured it was time for a full refresh. I tried to link as many items as possible, but not everything is available anymore so there are additional options on the individual shop pages and on My Apartment Shop.


Sectional: We have the stocked Yarn Dyed Linen Weave Fabric in Shelter Blue. I get asked a lot about the color, is it more grey or blue? I say blue, but if you are looking to purchase I highly recommend ordering a swatch beforehand. I also get asked about durability all the time. Simple answer, it has held up really well, but it does pill.

Console Table Behind Sofa (60″)

White Lamp on Console Table – similar version

Textile Art above sofa – also comes in this color

Our coffee table is sadly no longer available from Dovetail. If you are looking for a similar style you can find one here and here or here.

Striped Chair

Rug: (We have an 8 x 10)

Desk (55″)

Desk Chair

Alabaster lamp & shade on my desk is vintage – similar here

Basket under desk

TV Console

Samsung Frame TV – we have the 55″ tv with beige bezel. The art we have on display is called “Villagers On Their Way To The Market” by Jan Brueghel


Bay Window Drapery Rod | Return Drapery Rod

Glass Vase

Marble Footed Bowl

Belly Baskets (size small)

Marble Tray

Tall glass candle hurricane

Short Hurricane (got mine at a local store, but this is very similar)

Natural Picture Frames

Blanket Basket (XL size)

Ceiling Fan

For additional accessories like candles and decor you can visit My Living Room shop page. For most of my coffee table books visit My Books shop page. Certain items are no longer available or vintage.

My living room plant is a bird of paradise, planter is from Sloat




Natural Shade (petite rustique)

Jute Rug (2 x 3)

Glass Front Cabinet (white) | Leather Pulls (natural color, screw color E)

Hand Soap

Marble Tray, I also use this and this

Ceiling lantern

Pepper Grinder

Wood Stool

Seasonal Produce Art

Santal Candle

Cabinet Pulls (unlacquered brass)

Cabinet Knobs (unlacquered brass)

Burl Frame

Face Art

Cake Dome

Marble Fruit Bowl

Salt Cellar

Espresso Machine

Marble Pastry Board (covering my stovetop)

Vintage French Crocks – cheaper here (mine are from Elsie Green)

Acrylic Spice Rack | Spice Jars

Matte White Bowls


Coffee Mugs

Drinking Glasses

Wine Glasses also use these

Serving Board, also use this and an assortment of vintage

You can visit My Kitchen shop page or the main Kitchen shop for more ideas. Also Note: The open shelving came with the apartment, sadly don’t have a source


Headboard (talc linen) | Metal Bed Frame

Rug (one of a kind) other sizes available here


Natural Tray On Dresser

Storage Basket Under Dresser

Nightstand, changed out the hardware for these

Basket on Nightstand


Side Table (natural finish – used as second nightstand)

Wall Sconce (brass finish)

Bench (from a flea market, similar linked)

Duvet Cover – I rotate between that and this one

Duvet Insert (medium)


Quilt at end of bed

Bed Skirt


Drapery Rod

Custom Woven Shades – Color Bonaire Flaxen

Leaning Mirror

White Vase

Linen Spray

Star Pendant , cheaper version here

You can visit My Bedroom Shop page for more links and visit this blog post which breaks down my bedding more. Plant is Ficus Audrey, art above bed is from traveling.


This space is currently in a transition so not much happening here. My cabinet is a from a local consignment store.

Frida Wall Art

Black Frame

Bone Mirror (small)

Wall Hooks (bronze finish)

Basket on door

Candle holder/vase


All vanity and faucet info linked in this post.

Vanity knobs

Rug is vintage – older version here

Shower Curtain

Hand Soap, I also use this line

TP Basket (size small)


Laundry Hamper, sold out similar

You can also visit the Bathroom Shop for more ideas.

I hope you all found this post helpful! Please bookmark it as a reference if you think it will be useful in the future and remember just about everything here is also linked on the shop pages too!

  1. Victoria says:

    Hello, absolutely lovely place. Could you tell me the paint color you used in your living room. It look iridescent!
    Thank you ,

  2. Gabi Gebauer says:

    I’m struggling with how many brass pieces to incorporate into my life (specifically the living room). I currently have a brass bar cart and am in the market for a round side table to go beside a striped chair similar to yours and am leaning towards one with a marble top and brass legs.. Do you have any sort of rule for how many “statement” pieces you like to stick to in your spaces? I want my look to be similar to yours – timeless, cozy, and simple. Should I go with the brass or skip it and stick to a wood side table? Thank you!

    • Hi Gabi!

      I don’t really have a rule, I just go off of balance and make sure one material doesn’t seem like it is over powering the rest. I personally would lean towards a wood or woven side table or stool because even a little bit of brass can go a long way. Or maybe a marble top with a bronze leg. Hope this helps!!

  3. Arietta says:

    Hi! What color paint is your living room walls?

  4. Emily says:

    In your kitchen tour (which I loved btw) you mentioned your love of brass faucets/fixtures but are very particular about the finish…me too! If you haven’t checked out the burnished brass finish on California Faucets you might want to do so. We used them in a hall bath we just redid and they’re gorgeous! And they’re unlacquered so they actually make you sign a waiver that you know the finish will darken, spot, etc. We love them! And this is a totally UNsolicited comment!

    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you! I really like a lot of their pieces! I didn’t explain it well in my video, ha! I didn’t want to spend over a certain amount because I didn’t think I would take it with us when we eventually move and all of the cheaper brass finishes look.. cheap!

      I will definitely keep this in mind for future use – Thanks again!

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