Budget Shopping .03

I got a few requests to do another budget decor installment, which I always love putting together! There are a ton of good pieces at lower price points out right now and it also helps when many of them are on sale. I know a lot of us aren’t shopping as much as usual, but these are always good to save for future ideas!

Faux Olive Tree, Lantern, Sofa, Pillow, Throw, Wall Art, Tray, Candle, Runner, Lamp, Console, Basket Set

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  2. Shawna says:

    Hi There! The gorgeous flowers in the white vase, on top of the books-where did you find those?? I would REALLY love to know!! xoxo

  3. stephanie says:

    I love that you do these posts. I am struggling with how to style my living room. I know the small stuff I like but the furniture like tables, chairs and, sofas are a struggle. I’m going to see if you did a backyard/patio one.

    Stephanie | SPV Living

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