Get The Look; My Kitchen

My kitchen has quickly become one of my favorite rooms to spend time in. Likely because I am cooking a lot more, but it is also feeling very collected with pieces I love. Accents that are functional, but also look pretty and make spending more time in there enjoyable. I have made a conscious effort throughout this shelter in place to remove anything I no longer use and slowly work in touches like new pasta bowls or a fresh candle. The smallest changes really can make such a big impact.

I don’t know if it’s because I have been watching It’s Complicated on repeat, but I am so drawn to warm touches that feel French inspired. Layering in vintage accessories like a large crock with a more clean piece like white marble helps to create a pretty flow and nice layering. I am always adding to My Kitchen Shop page so you can always check that out too for more ideas!

Ikea Billy, Mini Lamp, Candle, Cake Dome, Pasta Bowls, Floating Shelves, Bone Flatware, Hand Soap, Tea Towels, Crock A, Crock B, Pepper Mill, Espresso Machine, Marble Dish (I use as a tray for olive oil, etc.) Jute Rug, Wood Stool

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