Mixing It Up

Since this quarantine began I feel like I have gone through a bevy of different stages. I started off quite productive – cleaning out just about every closet and cranny. The next week I felt like doing absolutely nothing every single day. I am now at the full nesting phase where I am cooking and baking more and tearing up just about every room in our apartment. I often deal with a lack of control on a bigger level by trying to overly control whatever I can at home.

Our apartment is an ever evolving space, but lately it has felt a bit at odds. We were going to get a new sofa last fall which ended up getting passed up to save for the wedding and our trip to India. Then with the holidays and everything else, all apartment projects I was dreaming up didn’t pan out. We had decided we would be staying in this apartment for the foreseeable future (aka until we can buy a house.. ha!) so I really wanted to make it feel even more like a home. I don’t know if its the fact that I am turning thirty this year or that we are getting married (hopefully), but I am really starting to veer away from particular styles I once loved. Of course neutrals will always be my favorite, but I have been craving a bit more texture, warmth and slight touches of color for a while. I have been finding small joys in swapping out pieces and creating more of an ongoing wish list of staples that feel classic, but also have a cozy farmhouse vibe.

I know many of you aren’t shopping much right now. I have curtailed mine quite a bit as well, but I figured I would share some of the pieces I have recently purchased and what I have my eye on moving forward. First up was finally purchasing a woven shade for our glass front door. It is a narrow piece of glass so I went with my go to from Blinds.com, but chose a different color because it was cheaper. I went with this in Mesa White. I also decided to get a new lamp for my desk because I want to play around with that space a bit more. Urban Outfitters has actually had a ton of great lighting lately! As always I will share updates as I start putting everything together. This will be a much lengthier ongoing process, but I am excited to make our apartment feel more like where we are at this stage of life.

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  1. N says:

    Hi! Can I ask why you’re going with the Mesa White blind instead of a fabric Roman shade? Are you over the wooden blind look (from your bedroom?)

    I have rafters and live in an old bungalow and am so torn on white cafe curtains, wood like blinds (like your bedroom), or a bleached wood like the one you’re planning.

    Would love your feedback. I love an all white look and have a white couch and a peachy brown Kilim rug. So maybe white is the best bet. #lost

    • Hi! I absolutely love the woven blind look in our bedroom, the Mesa white is the same material – the color was was just much cheaper. Since it is for the front door (more for privacy) than looks I didn’t care as much.

      I do love fabric roman shades, but didn’t want one for this particular application. I think for your situation any option could work – a more natural shade (like in our bedroom) might add just the right amount of warmth and texture to offset the couch and rug!

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