Pulling Color Palettes

Although most of the photos you see of our apartment are incredibly neutral – I actually do love color! Even when working with neutrals I create color stories of the different tones to make sure they work well with one another. Playing around with patterns and textures is one of my favorite design components and I have only fallen in love with it more over the years. In a recent Q&A I was asked how I go about pulling color palettes together for room designs. So much of it depends on the space I am working with, but more often than not I find myself turning to nature and extracting those colors to create schemes.

Landscapes quite often influence our interiors. We naturally tend to pull from our surroundings. If you live by the ocean your space may be inherently lighter or have materials that work better for sun exposure, sand, etc. However, no matter where you live you can pull from the palettes you are drawn to and create a design that may pay homage to what you love without being overly thematic.

My obsession with English country interiors only seems to have intensified as of late. It is so different than my actual living space, but I can never get enough of the thoughtful layering and incredible pattern mixing that goes on in these spaces. Pulling from the materiality in old English villages and the green rolling hills can work even if you live nowhere near The Cotswolds. I am always a fan of pink and green together and somehow they always seem to work seamlessly in these designs. It also reminds me a bit of Southern style in the US.

Coastal design has long been a favorite of mine, likely due to growing up in California. Although I have never leaned towards it in my own living spaces (blue is admittedly not my favorite color) I find it so fun to play around with. Somehow coastal became quite thematic with coral and seashells in glass jars, but there are so many ways to extract the colors of the ocean and the beach without living anywhere near water. A heavy layering of stripes adds interest while a variety of blue tones brings in more color. Adding some natural textured accents like chunky baskets also makes for a well rounded look!

I have been very into green tones lately and quite like the earthiness of a mountain inspired palette. Similar to the coastal vibe, a mountain inspired look doesn’t have to be overly thematic with taxidermy accents everywhere. These colors are so versatile and tend to work well in a variety of architecture and design, not just a log cabin.

  1. Megan says:

    Hello – I love the sofa you have in this room. Can you share where you purchased it/who manufactures it? Thank you!

    • Hi Megan! Thank you! I link almost everything on My Apartment shop page. All of the info in regards to what fabric – is listed on “My Abode” page. Hope this helps!

  2. AJC says:

    These are all SO GOOD. Love this.

  3. Serene Summerfield says:

    I love these palettes and little mood boards! Makes me want to try them all! 🙂
    Xoxo Serene

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