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As much as I love Pinterest, when it comes to recipes nothing will compare to scouring cookbooks and marking your tried and true. Growing up, we always had dozens of cookbooks in the kitchen. Stained covers from baking hands, my mom (the baker) and my dad (the cook) used their go to resources time and time again. When I started getting into cooking most recipes could be found online, but I still preferred to get the books. In part because I discovered things I never would have been looking for. We have cookbooks all over our apartment – even in the hall closet because I don’t have room to display them all. Since many of us will still be at home for a lot longer I wanted to share some of my favorites!

The Joy Of Cooking

The cookbook staple! I am pretty sure this is the first one I ever flipped through. It has been updated a bit since its original publication in 1931, but it is a staple for a reason. It is filled with so many techniques that will make you more comfortable with the process of cooking.

How Easy Is That?

Ina Garten is my idol! She is in the Nancy Meyers category of can do no wrong.. they are friends IRL.. I digress. Her cookbooks are so easy to follow and include many recipes I make on constant rotation. This book has the best Bolognese, roast apple pear sauce and French Toast bread pudding. All of her other books are incredible too, I cant wait for Modern Comfort Food to come out!

The Art of French Baking

This is hands down my favorite baking book as far as technique goes. At first I found it intimidating because it is not overly descriptive and the French way of baking can differ greatly from American recipes. I always call this the holy grail of baking. Many recipes take patience and practice, but it feels so good when you nail a recipe.

Dinner in French

French food isn’t typically my favorite, but my newest cookbook addition has more rustic favorites like poule au pot pie, roasted cauliflower with brown butter and truffled mac and cheese. I am looking forward to making my way through this book more, but I can already tell it will be a staple.

Simple & Classic

Daniel actually bought this book, but I love it! It breaks down all recipes step by step with neat flat lay photos. It also has such a wide array of recipes like easy ciabatta pizzas (my favorite) to a roast chicken.

Nourish: Mindy, Body & Soul

I like that this is a wellness book and cookbook in one. One of my favorite recipes is the Mexican feast which has everything from guacamole, pickled red onions to shredded chicken thighs. I also highly recommend the face exercises and the green smoothie.



photos by Torrey Fox

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