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Happy Monday! It is hard to belive another week has gone by and June is about to wrap up. Some days feel so slow and repetitive and then I find myself thinking it’s hard to belive this year is halfway through. The past few months have had me thinking a lot. About everything big and small, but also what I envision for this space. Intention is a word that keeps coming up for me. I want to create with a lot more intention and also be much more intentional about what I share. A less is more approach.

I have found myself being much more intentional with my personal life as well. Putting my phone down a lot, taking in the present, discovering new hobbies and the feeling I get from that is incredible. I share a lot of products on here and will continue to do so, but I wanted to edit the amount of pieces I bring to light and focus on more tailored round ups. After years of sharing a little bit of everything, I want to hone in on home decor even more (less beauty & style) and this new monthly series Home Goods will do just that. Highlighting select pieces that have stood out to me over the past month. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

{Shop the styles} Tray, Candle Stick Holder, Magazine Holder, Butter Keeper,
Large Mirror, Linen Pillow, Sideboard, Scalloped Frames, Scalloped Pie Dish,
Mad et Len Candle, Sketch Art

  1. miki says:

    that magazine holder is amazing!
    Miki x


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