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A fresh week and a fresh perspective. I am finally ready to get back to blogging after a few weeks of taking time to be more present and reevaluate what I hope to do in this space moving forward. I am going to continue taking time away from Instagram (more to come on that later), but I am actually excited to start creating on this platform again and dive deeper into design projects. As always the little moments have been keeping me afloat lately, so I wanted to share some of the goings-on around here.

Little Projects. Over the weekend I shared a super easy update to the vintage bench we have in our bedroom. My mom added a cute cushion topper using a vintage Hmong fabric, upholstery foam and small dark nails. I love the way it turned out! If you are looking for a similar style bench you can find one here and here. Also a sweet follower sent me this option which already comes upholstered.

Library Additions. I have been so inspired by my books lately and find myself reaching for them more than online inspo. I added some great titles including Restoration House from the very talented Kennesha. If you don’t already follow her blog, it’s beautiful! I also picked up a great entertaining book by Kristen Caissie.

Shop Updates. I will now be updating shop pages on Sundays so there will be fresh products on Monday morning. You will see the main Shop now has a newest additions section at the top. The other pages that have been getting a lot of attention are Home Accents and Spring/Summer.

Summer Pj’s: We have had some really warm days as of late so my longer pajama sets have been tucked away for the time being. Pajamas are such a comfort item for me to purchase and a simple pair can make me even more excited to crawl into bed at the end of a long day. I have been eyeing a few different pieces from the beautiful new to me brand Prayers & Plans. Here are some other favorites.

  1. Serene says:

    Thanks for sharing these sweet recommendations! I have the Skin Sexy Slip you linked to and love it! So soft and comfy! I need to try LAKE pjs 😍
    Xo Serene

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