Detailing Our Samsung Art TV

When we purchased our Samsung Frame TV last year, I never did a blog post sharing details because I assumed everyone was well versed on it. I assumed wrong and still get a lot of wait.. what? That’s a TV?! Which means it really does work! Since questions come up a lot, I thought it was time to finally put all of the details in one easy reference!

I had lusted after this TV for a long time before finally taking the leap. Originally I thought we wouldn’t be able to hang a TV on the wall above our console because it backs up to our kitchen built in, but because of the Samsung’s sleek design we were able to make it work. One of the most common questions I get asked is what size we went with. We have the 55″ which is the perfect size for our living room. The design of the TV feels much more rectangular than a traditional 55″ TV so the dimensions might be smaller, but overall feels less bulky.

We went with the beige frame which you often have to order separately and snaps on very easily. The TV comes with a traditional black metal edge which looked fine, but I love the look of the natural wood. The other most common question I get is the name of our art. When we first installed the TV I played around with a few of the free art options and eventually decided to just buy one for $19.99. We have had the same art almost the whole time because I feel like it blends in well. The name of this piece is called “Villagers on Their Way To Market” by Jan Brueghel which I found by scrolling through the suggested pieces on the art mode. We have the 2019 model which you can buy here for a few hundred dollars less than the new model. I purchased the TV and got the frame here. Below are a few additional questions I have received, but I am always happy to answer any others you might have!

Where do you hide your cable box?

This TV comes with its own Samsung box that everything plugs into. There are no cable inputs on the actual TV which is how it’s able to stay so flush with the wall. We were not able to run the wires through our wall so I hide the Samsung box and cable box behind the basket on the bottom shelf of the console. I love that this TV has a single clear power cord that pretty much blends into the wall opposed to a chunky cable that hangs down.

Did you have to buy a special mounting bracket? Does the TV tilt?

The mounting bracket and Samsung box come with the tv. You want to use this bracket (which does not tilt or move at all) to give the realistic appearance of art. Our TV sticks out a little further because of the chair rail that goes around our living room. In order to keep the thin profile bracket, Daniel furred out the space behind the TV with a piece of plywood and drilled the bracket into the plywood.

Is it worth it?

I had never spent this much money on a TV before and I was afraid it might be a little gimmicky, but I absolutely love it and think it’s worth every penny. It is so nice to have a TV that can blend seamlessly into your space and also functions as a really nice TV. Even when the art isn’t on – the thin profile and ability to change out the frame color makes such a big difference. If they go on sale again after Thanksgiving I might buy a second for our bedroom because I love it so much!

[photos by Torrey Fox]

  1. Katie says:

    Hello! First of all, you have a beautiful style/apartment and I love following your blog/instagram! Second, how did you determine how high to hang the TV over the console? Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Katie! For me, it depends on the size of the piece under the TV and the ceiling height because I always want it to feel proportionate. I typically like 6″ -8″ off the top of the console!

  2. Jane says:

    Where is the console under your TV from?

  3. Jess Kenning says:

    Hi there! We LOVE our frame T.V. Do you mind me asking where this TV Console is from?

  4. Jamie G. at Northe House says:

    Hello 🙂 How is the sound quality? Do you recommend getting a sound bar? Xo

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