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If you have been here for a while you know how I drone on about my love for the English Countryside quite often. I am not sure if it is my quarantine nesting or my desperation to travel (lets be real it is definitely both), but I am becoming more of an Anglophile than I ever was. I always thought France was my north star and one of my biggest influences, but lately I can not get enough of cozy British interiors and country shops that have me longing to get on a flight to the Cotswolds asap.

Perhaps this love affair is growing because I am getting older and embracing more pattern, texture and more of a no frills approach. Or the fact that all I do is google photos of Amanda Brooks house and watch videos of Willow Crossley’s floral arrangements. Seriously if you don’t watch her Instagram tutorials… do yourself a favor. I am just craving cozy and comfort more than ever and photos of the lush countryside have me feeling that way instantly. I have even started bringing in some more accents to our space that can layer well with my California interior style. I am excited to play around with these elements more and continuing layering our space without going overboard.


Willow Crossley’s house making me instantly want to add a touch of green {source below}

The Wild Rabbit – my dream hotel stay

source: 1 | 2

1 |2 | 3 | 4

All of the details at Cutter Brooks are perfection!



  1. Alicia Arcelay says:

    Thanks for the beautiful photos! I was in the English Countryside about 10 years ago. It was fantastic. I recommend this travel. 😀.

  2. Alex says:

    Amanda’s home is a forever favorite! I love everything she does.

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