Monday Inspirations

One of my favorite pastimes is collecting imagery that I find inspiring. I have them in binders, on Pinterest, on Tumblr. I love getting bursts of inspiration from a collection of images and look at everything from color palettes, texture and composition – all of it. I wanted to start sharing more of the images that I currently feel moved by. I also started to feel more energized over the weekend. I finally started tackling a project that has long been on my to do list. I realized a lot of my shop pages have broken links or old pieces that are no longer in stock, so I am slowly sifting through them and adding a slew of new ones. You can see the most recent updates below. I hope you have a wonderful week!

// Latest Shop Updates //

Autumn Fashion

Holiday Shops




Home Accents


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Miv Watts Interiors

I desperately need to get some high waist trousers! Love these.

Perfect shade of green seen in Louise Roe’s Kitchen

Oh to be in Europe right now.

Guy Goodfellow Prints

The clean aesthetic of Mateo {added this candle to my wishlist}

This Lisa Tharp Project

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