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Coffee table books are always a hot topic around here – especially what my favorite one is. I love so many of my books for different reasons, so I always find it hard to narrow down to just one. Some are on photography, some feature stunning places and others are filled with enviable houses. I really do use so many of these to pull inspiration from and the below roundup is a collection of my all time favorites. I know books can get very pricy, so if you are looking for slightly cheaper options you can always visit this post on books under $40.

If you don’t want the large price tag, I also highly recommend purchasing used books or checking out your local bookstores that can often carry used versions of old books you can’t even find online anymore! Also remember I take a lot of the jackets off my books so they can look different than the cover you see online. The large Paris book I have has such a chic simple spine that was hidden under a heavy jacket.

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