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This console is one of the newer additions in our apartment. I lusted after it for a long time before deciding it was worth the investment. Sadly, Wisteria (where I bought it) has since gone out of business. I am so bummed, they were one of my favorite online retailers and had such special pieces. I know many of you are interested in this rustic style wood console and I have looked so many places for something that looks identical. I have yet to come across the exact style, but I am linking to some of my favorite close alternatives that evoke the weighty farmhouse look!

My old Lulu & Georgia rug is an accent I still get asked about a lot. I love it (and do still own it), but we swapped it out for a jute rug at the beginning of the year. You know how often I change pieces up and after a few years of the pattern, I wanted something solid. Many of you are interested in the Emmit rug, but don’t love the price tag so I often get asked if I have a good alternative. Lulu & Georgia recently added this rug (it’s 15% off right now with code LABORDAY15) which is a fraction of the cost. The dimension reminds me a lot of my rug and it looks like such a great neutral!

I was so excited when I spotted my vintage English bamboo side table at a local antique store. It was the perfect size for my side of the bed, so I knew it was meant to be. I love the look of the vintage bamboo paired with the brass sconce. I get asked for alternatives to both, especially for a cheaper sconce option so I am linking to one under $100! Always remember if the shade cheapens the look – these can easily be swapped out.

Ah my little Senufo stool! I have mentioned this a few times recently, but I got mine at the Alameda Flea Market years ago. Apparently they can get pretty pricey online, so I recommend trying to find one locally. I did come across some that aren’t too expensive and some other alternatives that would look just as cute on a shelf.

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