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I have been a little quiet around here lately as my client work has increased over the past few months. I feel so incredibly grateful to be working, but I always miss spending time on the blog. As with every month in 2020, I can not believe another one has gone by and we are already in October. Yesterday felt like the first real fall morning with a dense layer of fog and a chill in the air, so I am looking forward to some much needed seasonal change ahead. October is always my favorite month. I turn thirty at the end of the month, followed by Halloween and then the holidays are right around the corner. Although everything looks a bit different this year, I truly am savoring the time at home. As we enter cozy season I have started putting out some more seasonally scented candles (right now I am burning this and this). I also bought a few sets of fun pajamas that are so incredibly comfortable (here and here). I hope you all have a wonderful October!

At Home: Many of you noticed a few new pieces on my Instagram stories over the weekend! I haven’t shared much of our apartment this year because I have slowly been re working our living room and honing in on my own personal style. Nothing too drastic, but I had been wanting to update our couch and coffee table for a long time. With so much time spent at home this year I realized it really is my happiest place and it hadn’t been feeling like a reflection of where I currently am (style wise) for a while. I will be doing a full blog post breaking down everything once it is finalized – I’m hoping before the end of the month.

Fashion Notes: I haven’t purchased too many wardrobe staples this year because I rarely leave the apartment. However when I came across this Isabel Marant coat last month, I couldn’t resist. I had seen a very similar version last year and regretfully didn’t jump on it. This is definitely an investment, but I am in love with the pattern and the boxy oversized look that makes it great for layering. I also wanted to note my all time favorite slides are back in stock. These FLY off the shelf every time they are re stocked (for good reason). I wear them everyday and find them so comfortable and chic. Although every adult male thinks I’m wearing slippers at the grocery store and always needs to comment, ha! *Remember you can get 20% off your Jenni Kayne order with my code CHRISSY20

Stacks of Books. I truly have been cooking and baking more than I ever have before. I have found it so fun to have an at home outlet through all of this chaos. I wanted to start honing my technical skills that I never took the time to learn and work through my cookbooks. I posted about my favorite cookbooks a while ago, but I recently ordered some new ones and have my eye on a few others. I also have so many design books on my list right now.

All About the Throw: I have noticed my throw blanket collection getting a bit out of control as of late. I love having a small stack on the bookshelf, some draped over a chair back or a couch arm – anything to add a little more texture and subtle color or pattern. Throws are one of my favorite home accessories when transitioning into a new season. They always add such a great cozy factor!

  1. Jessica says:

    We all miss your online presence but happy to hear it’s because you design business is busy! This is my favorite blog and your posts always inspire and brighten the internet 🙂

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