Living Room & Entry Refresh

This post has been such a long time coming, but I am happy to finally share some of the updates I have made to our apartment throughout the year. For all of us, this year has been filled with so much change, extreme highs and lows and A LOT of time spent at home. At the height of lockdown I thought a lot more about what home means to me and I found myself feeling like our apartment was no longer a reflection of where we were in our lives. I had actually been feeling like that for a while. It can be odd when so much of your living space becomes intertwined with your job. It almost started to feel like a portfolio and I would often be so busy with work, projects I intended to do for myself (and not for the blog) would fall to the wayside.

I have to preface that I feel so incredibly lucky to have collaborated with home companies and brands I love over the years, but because I do our living space kind of became a hodgepodge of pieces and didn’t feel as collected. I LOVE our apartment so much, but I definitely felt like I was in a bit of a personal design rut and wasn’t taking my time when it comes to purchases – which never leads to the best design.

As any of you who rent know, there are limits. We are so fortunate our landlords pretty much let us do whatever we want as far as paint, changing out light fixtures, etc. but it is never going to look exactly how you want it because at the end of the day you aren’t investing what you would if it were your forever home. I always try and toe the line with this and know one day we will have a home of our own where I can play a lot more. However this year pushed me to not wait. I wanted to expand more with color, pattern, varying textures and nuanced layers. I will always crave light and bright spaces, but I don’t like the idea of having one aesthetic you have to stick to. I wanted to blend – English country meets California, but most importantly it is all about comfort. This year has pushed all of us in so many ways. It has made me eternally grateful for a cozy place to live and I am so happy to call his little space home.

Essentials For Living
Sectional Sofa

The refresh of this space really started with a couch. I had wanted to replace our West Elm sectional for a long time. It was the very first thing we bought when we moved in and I grew tired of the blue color over time. We also wanted something more comfortable and this is it. I love that it has essentially the same shape, but the material is so much nicer and the skirted style looks so pretty!

I bought this to the trade, but you can get it here.

Stone Top Coffee Table

This piece was a total gamble. Because we invested more in the sofa I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on a coffee table. I wasn’t sure I would like the “tiled” pattern on top or the leg finish. The top turned out to be really pretty, but I did not like the red tinted wood legs at all. This was easily fixed by sanding them down and using a mix of this and this stain – very lightly and working slowly so it didn’t have too much color. I love how it tuned out!


Jute Rug

I knew I would get a lot of questions on this because many of you are on the hunt for a great jute rug. This is hands down my favorite I have owned (which is a lot). It is super soft underfoot, doesn’t really shed and the pile doesn’t flatten down much over time. I love the border detail and although it doesn’t hold its shape perfectly on one side – the relaxed look works great.


{Little Details}

My great grandfather owned an art gallery in New York City in the 30’s, so my dad inherited some incredible etchings and various artwork that I now have (on loan as he likes to remind me, ha!) The landscape on the top shelf of the bookcase and the Rabbi etching above the couch both came from him. I love having pieces around that look beautiful, but feel incredibly special and tell a story.

Other details I have been big on as of late are incorporating more color and pattern with pillows. I love a layering of stripes in various sizes and color paired with soft block prints. Summer House in Mill Valley is one of my favorite local shops for fun pillows. That is where both the chocolate brown stripe and pink stripe came from. The others are from Filling Spaces, Walter G and a vintage fabric I found on Etsy.

You will also see my affinity for fun lamp shades which I get at Cruel Mountain. I love how something as simple as a scalloped lamp shade can transform the look of a basic floor lamp! Other details are a lot of vintage pieces I have collected over the years such as the stone bust, French mirrors like this, bowls, trays and baskets that all make this apartment feel like our home.

a mix of collected art and pieces by Hugo Guinness & Jennifer Ament

{Other Notes Of Mention}

Living Room Walls: Benjamin Moore color match of Farrow & Ball Cromarty No. 285 at 50% for a lighter look. I always do Eggshell Finish on walls.

Entry Walls: Benjamin Moore Color match of Farrow & Ball Ball Green No. 75

All Trim, Ceilings and Built In’s: Benjamin Moore Super White

I try and link most things on My Apartment shop page, but since a lot of pieces are from local shops, antiques or no longer available not everything is on there. Such as my favorite tall basket from Hudson Grace and my beloved pine console from Wisteria. I still can’t believe they went out of business. I have yet to find something that looks exactly the same although I love this!

Photos by Torrey Fox

  1. Anna says:

    Thank you for sharing! I loved the video, I felt like I watched a movie, it was so soothing. Would never say no to more videos like these 🙂

  2. Samantha Ross says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful home with us – so warm and welcoming! Would you mind sharing the artwork you selected for your Frame TV?

  3. Meredith Whitehouse says:

    Everything is STUNNING! Can I ask where you got the large glass vase holding the tall branches?

  4. Jayson says:

    Love your apartment refresh and the newly painted walls! Wondering what your thoughts are of the current trend of all white walls. Do you think that trend is moving on and we will see more color like you have done? Your choice of green is so soft and relaxing! Your video is so classy!

    • Thank you so much! I definitely think we will see and have seen a lot more color on walls and in interiors generally. I really don’t think all white walls and neutral spaces will ever go out of style because it is incredibly classic, but I think there is a big English inspiration happening and we’re seeing a lot more pattern on pattern, color and texture!

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  6. Alex says:

    I’m so in love with your space! Would you be able to tell me where the Dalmatian pen holder or cup on your desk is from? Such a cute touch! Thanks for the endless inspo xox

  7. Drey says:

    I love all the updates, totally english country/cali vibes! Could you go a bit more in detail on how to stain the coffee table legs? How much do you have to mix?

    • Thank you so much Drey! This was really just trial and error. I didn’t mix the stains together, but instead rubbed the lighter one into the wood with a soft cloth and then quickly did the second stain and blended them in buffing patterns. The first one is very very light so not sure if it even made a difference but I think it prevented it from turning too yellow. Hope that helps!

  8. Chrissy it is always so lovely to see your home! I adore your tours, and though every single part is gorgeous, my favourite bit has to be your wedding photo adorning your wall! How precious ❤️ So happy for you two to have been able to say “I do” this year afterall.

    Sending huge love your way lady!

    Monica x

    • Thank you so much Monica! I love looking at that photo everyday – such a special reminder that there is still good during this crazy time. I hope you are doing well and staying cozy in England!! Xx

  9. Hannah says:

    I knew something big must be coming because you weren’t posting any photos of your new couch, and WOW, this did not disappoint, even factoring in the anticipation build up! Haha. GORGEOUS work. So you, so lovely. Video is 100 too! Can’t wait to see more videos from you, what a VIBE!

  10. Ivy says:

    Looks super! I love the video too and what is the background music? It’s sounds beautiful and works so well with the relaxed home scene!

  11. Karen says:

    Chrissy you have such a warm and beautiful home!! I love everything. Hats off from your big fan in Boston! :).

  12. Shallon says:

    I’m predicting the next Nancy Meyers’s film will be shot on location in your space 🙂 It’s beyond perfect! Elevated and collected and so inviting!

  13. Serene Summerfield says:

    Wow, it’s so beautiful!! Such an inspiration for a rental! I wish you could come spruce up my space!
    Xo Serene

  14. Bryn Bradsher says:

    It looks so great! Love all the updates!

    And the video is perfection… so Nancy Myers! XO Bryn

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