Goodbye 2020

It truly is hard to believe 2020 is finally coming to an end. In some ways this year has felt like decades combined and in other ways I feel like the spring was yesterday. For someone like me that lives for structure and to do lists, I had to let it all go this year. I needed to adapt by breaking habits, forming new (healthier) ones and plowing through a lot of self work. As this year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all. Your support, through this year especially doesn’t go unnoticed and I feel incredibly grateful to connect with so many of you and continue doing what I love. As challenging as 2020 has been I feel like I have a new appreciation for everything and I am looking forward to that fresh start feeling a new year always brings. I am very excited to continue creating and get back to spending more time on this space in 2021. I hope you all have a beautiful New Year!

New Around Here

I have added a new tab and page called New In The Shop which I will update a few times a week. I am constantly adding pieces to various shop pages so I know a lot gets missed. I think this will be a helpful way to get a quick glimpse at everything I am loving, similar to the Instagram story round ups I used to do. Also in an effort to bring more budget friendly pieces to the shops, I created a Target Shop Page which will live under the Budget Shop. Target has really stepped up their game and I shop there often so I added a lot of my favorite pieces!

After years of only offering two design package options, I have finally added an a la carte hourly design option for those of you that are looking for more simple space planning or sourcing help. This will officially be launching in February 2021 and you can see more here!

I had so much fun playing around with video towards the end of this year. If you missed my foray into YouTube videos – you can see those here. I will definitely be doing a lot more in 2021.

I changed my site navigation a bit, so now under Interiors you can easily click on Shop My Place. On the desktop version you will see all of my paint colors noted on the left hand side and on the mobile version, I created a new tab specifically for paint colors. I also wanted to remind y’all I have a tab called Misc. Accents where I link all of the random pieces we have added to the apartment. Everything from light switch plates to the baskets I just added to our hall closet!

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