Pillow Combinations III

Mixing textiles is truly one of my favorite components to play around with in interiors. Some of you wanted to see a new pillow combination post and as always I don’t really belive in rules when it comes to this. I currently have three varying stripe pillows on my sofa and love the way it looks. It doesn’t have to be sofa specific, as I love mixed pillows and quilts or a cool upholstered headboard in a bedroom. Textiles should be fun. They add so much to a space and can take a flat piece of furniture and bring it to life. I always think, worry less about making it perfect and go for pieces that speak to you. Here are some current combinations I am gravitating towards.

On The Bed

On The Sofa

Pillow A, Pillow B, Pillow C, Pillow D, Pillow E

Pillow A, Pillow B, Pillow C, Pillow D, Pillow E

*Pillows pictured on my sofa are from Filling Spaces & Summer House in Mill Valley

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