Monday Inspirations 1.11

I don’t know about you, but since 2021 started I have not been feeing fully motivated or completely like myself. I think starting a new year in the midst of a lockdown and pandemic makes it very hard to hit the ground running and I definitely have to adjust my expectations. I had a couple of days where I felt like I got a lot done and then sort of hit a wall. There is so much going on in the world, I think it is very important to remember and constantly remind yourself “go easy”. Whether that be on yourself, on others, on your to do list – just go easy. I hope you all have a wonderful Monday and a beautiful week ahead! source above

Some routines I have started that make my days a little smoother;

Hot water with lemon in lieu of coffee in the morning. Not going to lie this has been the hardest adjustment. I love my morning latte (and often afternoon iced coffee), but decided to try out no caffeine for 30 days and have actually noticed a difference. I sleep MUCH better.. or maybe I am just exhausted from no caffeine? ha!

Insight Timer is one of my favorite apps for guided meditations. I have been using it for years and love starting my day with a very quick 5 minute meditation to go into the day with a more positive outlook. They offer a lot of different topics from Anxiety to Better Sleep.

Making a daily walk a priority has helped a lot. I am the queen of saying “there is no way I have time for that”, but I realized I had to make getting out of my apartment for a walk just as important as a work task. I clock a lot of hours at my desk, so getting outside and breathing fresh air brings a sense of calm and gets me moving.

This stunning Wiltshire home

The detailing on the doors

Very on brand of me to be dreaming about a gardening shed when I don’t have a backyard, let alone a garden! Willow Crossley’s is my favorite

Manifesting all of this

I mean.. these windows!

I am also loving the new collection from Serena & Lily

  1. Alexandra Smith says:

    This inspiration post is simply DREAMY!!! Absolutely adore!

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