Monday Inspirations 1.4

Happy New Year! I know nothing is too different than it was last week, but there really is something about the first week of a new year that feels like a reset. Last year I did I post called Monday Inspirations and I wanted to make it a weekly series on the blog to start a fresh week with a few moments I am feeling inspired by. I also thought it would be a nice time to share everything from products I am loving, books I am reading and what I am incorporating into my life to elevate the little moments. (source above)

This color! source

I always love wall to wall natural fiber carpet on stairs and throughout source


Remember Traveling? I’m dying to stay at the NoMad in London, opening this year… someday!

Jane Birkin forever, source




Candle I’m Burning
Diptyque Tuberose

I got this as a Christmas gift and have not stopped burning it since. Although I am a longtime fan of Diptyque, I have never purchased this scent. Now I can’t get enough and it has moved to the top of my list of favorites. Light and floral without being powdery, this feels like the perfect fresh scent for a new year! It also comes in the standard clear jar.

Skin Saver
True Botanicals Scrub

This is hands down the best body scrub I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin, so certain scrubs make me red or irritated. This isn’t too coarse and moisturizes while sloughing off dead skin. I apply my favorite body cream after ( a little goes such a long way) and the combo saves my dry winter skin.

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