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Ah, the New Year always feels like the perfect time to purge anything we are no longer using and go to town on decluttering for a fresh start. I was especially anxious to clean up after Christmas because there were some smaller projects I was waiting to tackle until after the holidays. We have struggled with our hall closet since the day we moved in. It is the only closet we have besides our bedroom, so it acts as a linen / pantry overflow and the only space for home supplies such as paper towels and laundry products.

The landlords had installed shelves the same depth as the closet which made it very impractical for easily accessing anything in the back. After installing an off the shelf bookcase a few years ago, I finally asked if Daniel could just build something to utilize the space properly. Of course it took him all of 2 hours and I wish I had asked years ago. It is crazy how much one organized closet or drawer in your house can make a difference. The closet isn’t anything fancy, but knowing where everything is just makes life easier. I thought I would share some of my tried and true organizational pieces that we are currently using.

Rattan Storage Cube

I got two of these to use for sheets and duvet covers in the closet. They aren’t large, but I like how durable they are and the square shape makes them easy to store.

Under Bed Box

I really tried to cut down on my plastic use with storage, but these are a must for small space living. I use these to store off season clothes, seasonal decor and some books under our bed.

Natural Baskets

I posted these on my Instagram stories last week and got so many questions! They are such a great price and the main baskets I used in our hall closet. I love that they’re flexible and you can fold the handles down if need be.

Wall Mount Storage

This is my new favorite storage accent. These acrylic wall units come with adhesive backing, which makes it so easy to stick on a surface. I use them on the inside of the door in the closet and on the door under the kitchen sink.

Bamboo Drawer Dividers

I use drawer organizers in our kitchen, bathroom and bedroom dresser. These are durable and make it easy to forgo a lot of smaller individual organizers.

Pull Out Cabinet Drawer

This is such a good storage solution for kitchens that may not have a lot of space. Since we only have two drawers I use one for kitchen utensils and another for pots that make it easier to access. Comes in multiple widths!

Lavender Sachets

Although these aren’t organizing related, as I was cleaning out the closets I felt like they needed a fresh scent. I love a simple lavender sachet that keeps musty odors at bay. (I also like these for my dresser)

Other Functional Accents I Love

  1. Deanna B says:

    When you described your hall closet, I felt like you were describing our hall closet! Same situation; same contents. I organized it over the holiday break and disposed of a bunch of stuff, but haven’t purchased baskets yet. I know you already purchased the plastic “under the bed” storage, but just in case you want to swap out the plastic, Pottery Barn has some really cute options. Thought I would let you know.

  2. Chelsea says:

    I know you were super busy with other things in 2020 but I love seeing more posts from you!! These suggestions are great x

  3. miki says:

    One of my 2021 goal is to organize my home because I’m not a very organized person! I hope to accomplish this goal!!
    Miki x

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