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Over the years I have gotten a lot of product specific questions on everything from my favorite bedding and bath towels to everyday household items that I use the most often. I try and link most pieces on my individual shop pages and have done a few posts breaking down basics such as my bedding, but I wanted to have a post with my top ten items I buy on rotation or use the most often.

Fabric Shaver

I have used a fabric shaver for years and this one in particular has held up so well. I use this multiple times a week to remove pills on everything from our sofa and headboard to my sweaters and winter coats. It is a game changer with upholstery!

Kitchen Towels

I feel like I have tried every kitchen towel under the sun. Since we don’t have a dishwasher it is crucial we have absorbent towels that actually dry the dishes. Some seem to weirdly move water around. I also always have a stack of these flour sack towels which work great for smaller dishes or glasses!

Glass Bottles

I don’t hoard many things, but one of the items I seemingly can’t get enough of is glass bottles. I love having bottles on hand for smoothies on the go, salad dressings and even use these for mouth wash. It fits much better in the medicine cabinet than the bulky bottle it comes in. I also use these working glasses all the time for food prep or storage.

Tencel Bedding

I have received close to a dozen messages in the past few months from some of you that purchased the Tencel bedding. I am so happy you all love it as much as I do! It is truly the softest bedding I have found and gets even better over time. I use the duvet and sheets!

Dish Scrubbers

When it comes to washing dishes, a natural scrub brush is my go to. For heavier duty pans like cast iron – I use this brush and for hard to clean vases, glassware or straws, I use these bottle brushes.

Bath Towels

We recently updated our bath towels for the White Company waffle bath sheet and they are SO good. I typically would go for a very fluffy towel, but I found overtime they would break down and lose their softness. These are incredibly soft and although they are thin, the bath sheet size is perfect and they hold up after washes.

Portable Charger

I shared this last year as a way to plug in a lamp on a shelf that is not close to an outlet. This portable power pack also works to charge a laptop or other electronics when traveling. It doesn’t hold power for too long depending on the wattage of what you’re plugging in, but I still use it all the time!

Make Up Bag

This is the best cosmetics bag I have used! I have shared it in various posts before, but I had to include it on this list. The shape works so well for traveling and because we have minimal storage I keep this in my bathroom drawer with all of my everyday makeup.

Sleek Socket

Most of the furniture in our apartment backs up to an outlet that we have to use, so these sleek sockets save the day. It makes the outlet flush, so you can easily plug things in without having that awkward gap behind furniture.

Storage Bowl Set

We use Mepal storage bowls for meal prep or leftovers. They are so heavy duty and stack into each other very easily. I found these have the best array of sizing for a set because some Tupperware is way too small or large.

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  1. Shallon says:

    Such a good list! I’m curious about the photograph about the chair…I didn’t see it listed under your apartment art. Did you take it?? It’s beautiful.

  2. Danielle says:

    Where’s the beach bag from? Obsessed!

  3. miki says:

    I absolutely need a fabric shaver too. I’m going to try this one!
    Miki x

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