New This Week

As this week comes to a close I wanted to share a few going -ons around here and some updates to note. I am looking forward to another quiet weekend at home, hoping to put a new playlist together and make some shortbread cookies. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Moving forward my Jenni Kayne discount code will be Chrissy15 for 15% off all of your purchases. The previous code will no longer work, so make sure you use the updated one at checkout for your discount. This month I have been living in this sweater and love the oversized cut combined with the softest material!

Since it has been pouring rain and chilly for most of the week, I am looking ahead to warmer spring days.
I started my Spring / Summer Shop filled with home pieces and fashion staples that I will continue to add to. Just putting it together made me excited for a change in season (although we still have a while to go).

I also updated my Entertaining Shop page since so many of my old links were expired. As I mentioned last week, I am continuing to sift through certain shop pages and make them a bit easier to navigate. I also updated my Misc. Accents page where I keep everything from my garbage can to pet beds.

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