The Classics: Kitchen

I am excited to kick off a new series on here called The Classics, highlighting classic components for different spaces that aren’t trendy, but functional and beautiful. Starting with the kitchen, my favorite room in our space. I love the feeling of a curated kitchen, filled with pieces that serve a purpose, but are also easy on the eyes. For me this is white platters or serving dishes in an array of sizes, accents like cookbooks and serving boards, and no shortage of vases or bowls. I am so inspired by the beauty of French kitchens, especially The Cook’s Atelier. Every photo of their space brings me so much joy!

French Laundry, Pepper Mill, Olive Oil, Wood Board (also love this), Scalloped Platter, Apron, Lion Bowl, Linen Lined Basket, Waffle Towels, Crock, Wood Cabinet, Sisal Rug, Mantes-La-Jolie Candle, White Dishes

  1. Boni says:

    I love this! I’m leaning more to the classics now, too,
    And your posts are a wonderful guide to colors, shapes, and textures. Looking forward to upcoming posts in this series. Thank you!

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