Monday Inspirations 2.22

Happy Monday! Although things have been very busy around here, I am looking forward to a new week ahead. As the weather slowly turns I am starting to feel my mood change a bit. It is amazing what a good dose of sunshine can do. I have also been reading The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown and highly recommend it. It is one of her older books, but the lessons are invaluable and quite powerful. I highlighted a passage that resonated with me and one I keep going back to. I hope you all have a beautiful week!

“When we spend a lifetime trying to distance ourselves from the parts of our lives that don’t fit with who we think we’re supposed to be, we stand outside of our story and hustle for our worthiness by constantly performing, perfecting, pleasing and proving. Our sense of worthiness – that critically important piece that gives us access to love and belonging – lives inside of our story.” (photo: source above)

Dreaming of staying at Finca Aldeallana in Spain

Dreaming of this bed situation

very into chambray dusters

excitedly awaiting lilac season

Jasper Conran’s home in Greece

…and his home in England

Beautiful golden light

Loving This Week

  1. Tina says:

    Thank you for sharing this Chrissy! I always look forward to your posts – so much substance and beauty at the same time. Makes me happy inside!

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