The Classics: Bedroom

Continuing with my latest series – The Classics, I wanted the next installment to be on the bedroom. Although I eventually want to design our bedroom (ideally when we move), I have long loved a classic neutral room that serves as a nice retreat at the end of the day. I find this works really well in a small space or a rental apartment where you can’t do much, but still want it to feel thoughtful and cozy. When it comes to a bedroom there are some things I never stray from (white bedding) so I wanted to give some insight into a few classic building blocks that tend to work in any space. I love using side tables in lieu of traditional nightstands to open up the room a bit. I also find plug in sconces to be incredibly functional in smaller rooms since lamps can take up a majority of the tabletop.

Wall Sconce, Candle, Mirror, Dresser, Wall Art, Vintage Pillow, Indian Marble Bowl, Headboard, White Bedding, White Blanket, Rug, Bench, Moroccan Basket

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  1. miki says:

    I adore how you designed your bedroom. I love this minimalist look!
    Miki x

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