The Little Plate

If you have been following along for a while, you likely have seen the dozens of little dishes strewn about my apartment – often under candles, vases or simply on their own on the coffee table. I have always been very into layering and for whatever reason I don’t typically like a candle sitting flat on a surface. It always feels like it needs a little extra texture even when on a book or a shelf. I was recently asked if I could share some of my favorite little dishes and over the years have been asked quite a few times where “the little plate” is from, so I figured I would share some of my favorite types in a blog post.


As a non smoker, I really have a love for vintage ashtrays. I got one of my favorites last year on a trip to Jackson Hole. The bottom reads “Polo Club Barn Dance 1951” and the owner of the store told me they gave them out as party favors. Most round ashtrays are the perfect diameter for a standard candle size, so this makes a great plate option. I also love more ornate or longer styles for sitting a top a table on their own.


A few other favorite dishes are saucers, appetizer plates or soap dishes. I often buy these on trips in small gift shops or antique stores. All of the little Christmas dishes I have that look so pretty on their own have come from various antique stores. They are so fun to collect and easy to store since they are so small.

  1. Katey says:

    Hello! Love this look. Where is the cabinet from?

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