Bedding With A Little Color

If you have been here for a while, you know white bedding is pretty much a staple for me. Even with a black cat I have always preferred a crisp white bed opposed to something with a bit of pattern or color. However I know that is not realistic for everyone and I recently had a request to share some of my favorite bedding that isn’t white. There are so many good bedding options that can bring more life to a bedroom or if you prefer white bedding, but don’t want your pet to constantly be destroying it – I love having a pretty end of bed blanket or quilt with a little pattern. These are great to pull up over the bed and I find them easier to remove and throw in the wash.

Linen bedding shown above; color eucalyptus

Non White Duvet Covers

Bedding With Pattern

End Of Bed Blankets

Option A: Duvet, Quilt, Pillow | Option B: Duvet, Quilt, Pillow

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