Monday Inspirations 5.3

Happy Monday! The sun is shining earlier and earlier these days, which makes it feel like summer is right around the corner. I have been loving my time outside, but this week I want to tackle some random spring cleaning bits I didn’t get to last year. Starting with a major deep clean of our more decorative light fixtures and ceiling fan, that seem to be an absolute dust magnet. On another note this is one of my favorite times of year for flowers as we are about to get an influx of peonies. I have also been loving the simplicity of green and white snowball hydrangeas that have such a delicate feel and fill a vase beautifully. I hope you have a wonderful week! {source above}

Tensira x Cutter Brooks

This shoot is so incredibly beautiful

Dream Stay: The Inn at Kenmore Hall

This Cottage Tour

Thinking of making this simple fruit tart for Mother’s Day

Loving This Week

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