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Now that I am trying to be more consistent with blog posts, I also realized my shop pages needed a bit of a refresh. A lot of the links were to pieces that are since long gone, so I went through and removed those and added a bunch of new items. I also created a new menu with more options if you simply click see all shops. Some other new shops include;

Main Shop Page
Where I add the most recent additions to the shop. This will be updated weekly, likely on Fridays with all of my current favorites in a variety of categories.

My Staples
A brand new shop page where I share my favorite pieces I buy time and time again. From candles to loungewear, I will continue to add to this over the next week or so. This is a good reference for my tried and true accents that I would always recommend.


This shop is for wardrobe accessories such as sunglasses or handbags. If you are looking for accessories for your home those can all be found under Home Accents and is broken down into multiple categories. If you have been here for a while you already know, but just to make mention – anything you see in My Apartment (that I can link) will always live under My Apartment, opposed to the individual pages such as “pillows” or “lighting”.

I finally added a slew of new vases including many you have seen around my apartment over the years.


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